23 May 2015
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Commitment to Quality
PRIMAVERA´s quest for Quality and Innovation is a constant process that involves the whole organization and its stakeholders and which is experienced every day.
The concern to ensure continuous improvement in the offered products and services is based on aspects like process and procedure simplification, traceability and recording of all activity, and customer satisfaction maximization.
In order to ensure the achievement of these objectives, several quality systems and programs have been created.
ISO 9001 Certification

A Quality Management System, certified according the ISO 9001:2008 standard, was the first to be implemented. Several practices derive from this system, namely ongoing process revision, constant measurement of key performance indicators, analysis of errors, non-conformities, deviations and costumer/user complaints, as well as the dissemination throughout the organization of results obtained. 
Quality Assurance 

The main objective of the Quality Assurance program is to guarantee, on a daily basis, the quality of PRIMAVERA’s products and services. One third of the company´s development resources are allocated to this important task.
The development process of PRIMAVERA’s solutions is carried out in accordance with the CMMI  Level 2 - Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, managing the whole stabilization process of each product version.
Product Quality Program

PRIMAVERA’s Product Quality Program was created with the aim of guaranteeing a quality monitoring infrastructure for products, based on real environment use. The validation model of this project is built on satisfaction metrics and parameters associated with three aspects: software, training resources and technical support resources.
These parameters are subject to periodic evaluations, organized into a data structure which stores the results of the evaluations carried out, in the form of performance indicators.
Innovation in New Technologies

The purpose of the INT (Innovation in New Technologies) team is to implement R&D projects and to produce frameworks that promote the experimentation of new technology, fresh development methodologies, and the production of technological components for product incorporation.
To this end, it works in close collaboration with technology suppliers, education establishments (Universities), and other companies, in order to carry out concept trials to validate innovative solutions.
These systems and programs play a vital role in PRIMAVERA’s path towards excellence and in achieving full customer satisfaction. 

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